Post Apocalyptic City Builder! – Atomic Society Gameplay

Post Apocalyptic City Builder! – Atomic Society Gameplay Game

Welcome to Atomic Society! In Atomic Society gameplay construct and rule your own post-apocalyptic city. Judge the lives of the people under you. Set the laws people live by. Be cruel or kind and learn how to survive.

Atomic Society is a post-apocalyptic city-building game with moral choices.

Sit in judgement over the people you rule. Decide the laws and morals they will live by. Be cruel or kind. Insane or wise.

Construct and manage an ever-growing colony of survivors each with different needs and traits.

In-Development Features:

– Moral Choice System lets you act as lawmaker. Pick solutions ranging from execution, to prison, to actually encouraging an act.
– Be a lenient leader or a dictator with an iron fist. Roleplay and see what happens to your society. Different challenges for different play-styles.
– High degree of unpredictability in the people you govern, making every town different, with different social problems.
– Control your own character, perform optional tasks around your town, explore it in third-person. Even raise a family.
– Overcome the challenges of starvation, thirst, plagues, and new immigrants.
– Construct a wide range of structures as you solve the puzzle of how to make the perfect town and keep it growing.
– Wide range of environments: bleak deserts to lush forests and icy mountains.
– Haunting post-apocalyptic atmosphere and soundtrack immerses you a bleak post-apocalyptic world.

Atomic Society:…


Post Apocalyptic City Builder! – Atomic Society Gameplay Free Android Download

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