Treasure Dungeon

Treasure Dungeon is an action role-playing game set in a fantasy world.
You are a treasure hunter who arrived to the mysterious island searching for a legendary treasure. Be ready to explore dungeons, defeat hordes of monsters and find a lot of powerful artefacts.

New world
• Search the mysterious island and communicate with the villagers.
• Explore the dungeon full of dangers and traps.

• Fight hordes of dangerous monsters with unique abilities.
• Meet dungeon’s keepers and try to defeat them.

• Pump your hero to confront new challenges.
• Equip your hero with the best weapons and armors you can find.

• Find treasure chests and get valuable items.
• Reach the legendary treasure in the depths of the dungeon!


Key features
• Each dungeon is unique, you never know what lies ahead.
• All monsters have unique abilities and always ready to surprise you.
• No Ads or In-App Purchases.


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