Tank Defense TD LUXE

This free strategy is not about toys, toy soldiers, monkeys and the royal battle! You do not have to raise an empire from its knees. There are only towers and tanks that fight with each other. Intervene in this clash and win!

Become a general and take control of the defence zone. Infinite enemy army is trying to bypass your turrets, use all the ammo and correctly dispose of them.

Throughout the game you have to fight in different parts of the fictional world. Recently, you fought in the snow-covered wastelands, and now you are asking for the fire of a battalion in the lifeless realm of volcanoes.

The game has a wide variety of military equipment. You are destined to use flamethrowers, laser guns, nuclear tower against warships, airplanes and tanks.

This game is an addition to the previous game from MainActivity – Tower Defense: Final Battle.

Game features:
– strategic tower defense game
– variety of combat units
– well-developed gameplay
– a variety of levels and enemies
– modern technology

A warning:
Tank Defense TD can be downloaded and played for free. The game does not require a constant internet connection. In the game are available purchases that cost real money.

New in LUXE version:
– More money
– No Ads
– More updatesDownload Tank Defense TD LUXE for free
Free download Tank Defense TD LUXE : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.MainActivity.tdtaLuxe

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