RnB Ball (No ADS)

No banners and interstitials. (ADS)
There is also a free version with ads.

Please test your multiplayer skills
It will not be easy but long.
Quick judgment and will foster a multi-skills

How to play
  – Hitting the same color, your score goes up a small ball.
  – I strike a different color die.
  – Red balls, blue balls hitting each other and die.

  – Please utilize bombs, shields, time items well.
  – Red balls, blue balls hit between the Scene will be equipped with both live shield.

  – Explore the user and the score, time competing with Google Leaderboard!Download RnB Ball (No ADS) for free
Free download RnB Ball (No ADS) : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wdsoft.RnBBallNoAD

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