Raid Survivor: Dungeons

Raid Survivor: Dungeon is an auto-battle system adventure RPG full of various gameplay. In addition to placing, you can also experience weapon collection as well as various PVP & PVE battles. Auto-battle system is one of the highlight of Raid Survivor: Dungeon, even in busy days, you can level characters up in super easy way, and you can also take the challenges in multiple quests and start a cooperative play with your friends!
The real adventure you’ve been searching for can be realized here!

Game Features
★ Auto-Battle System ★
Super casual auto-battle gameplay. Summon your partners online, get your strength up and take extra experience offline. Never get grinding!!

★ Be An Adventurer and Collector ★
Collect adorable pets, stunning mecha and reliable partners hidden in Dungeon, then level and power up! Rallying a well equipped team and let them battle at your side.

★ Challenge Various Raids ★
Tower & Dungeon, various fun Raids! Get mecha to drill the dome of sky! Game difficulty will gradually rise with character’s level up to experience an exhilarating shock never seen before.

★ Play with friends ★
Challenge the dungeon quest in a cooperative play with friends! In various PVP battles, defeat the players ranking Top 3 to raise your name as legend!

★ Fun Costumes★
Not only the character, you can choose more than 100 costumes of equipment to pets, even mecha. Customize to your favourite style! Costumes have unique skills with special effect, improve your power and build up your weapon cache!

【Critical Permission】
※Storage Permission
Resource pack decompression is required for game update; forwarding function requires photo album. To ensure functions properly, you’ll have to allow the app to access your device storage.
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