puzzle planet Life

[ Game Introduction ]
puzzle planet project!
Enjoy various modes such as arcade, PVP mode!

[ Puzzle ]
A cute and smooth 3match puzzle game!
Various puzzle missions!
Finish your mission and get the stars!

[ Planet ]
The cute buildings and plants!
Let’s find the people who live on the planet!

[ Real Time Battle! ]
Battle of the puzzle with people all over the world!
Make your opponent’s stamina zero!
Challenge for world No.1!

【Privary Policy】
– http://mkt.onlinestory.co.kr/data_dev1/agreement/personal_gg_en.txt

【Terms of Service】
– http://mkt.onlinestory.co.kr/data_dev1/agreement/service_gg_en.txt
Download puzzle planet Life for free
Free download puzzle planet Life : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.goodgames.planetmatch3_g

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