Powerboat Race 3D

Powerboat Race 3D is an incredible water racing game where you can battle against your friends and other opponents in a new multiplayer mode. Drive the fastest water-boats to experience the real life and challenging motorboat race.

This water racing game has high-quality graphics, excellent visuals and stunning game-play. Along with multiple challenges in the game, enjoy those amazing tracks which will enhance your boat riding experience. Our Powerboat Race 3D offers you a breathtaking combination of crazy stunts and challenging water routes.

Increase your racing efficiency by upgrading to various astonishing boats. Each level comes with a new skill and amazing add-ons to your power boat. As you keep progressing in the levels, your ability to crush your opponent will increase making you the master of this racing world.

It comes with 3 different race modes:

1. The Circuit: In this track you will enjoy adventurous breathtaking views of nature, different environments with real life graphics.
2. The Time Trail: Bet the time in this mode, drive fast and furiously to defeat your opponent in time.
3. The Elimination: Kill your enemy to be on top and boost your speed to achieve everything you can to be a Powerboat champion.

Key Features:

Realistic boat handling
15 astonishing boats and river tracks to explore
Themes: snow, forest, and city
Realistic sound effects
30 challenging levels
Download Powerboat Race 3D for free
Free download Powerboat Race 3D : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.milliongames.powerboatrace3d

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