Parkour Jump

Prepare yourself for a unique bloody 🤸 flipping – jumping 🤸simulation game!
In Parkour Jump you have to perform jumps, stunts and flip downs but must be careful from the bloody obstacles around you.
Each level is simple but extremely 🚑 dangerous 🚑. Your mission is to jump and perform insane flips as you jump from roof to roof and need to reach the 🚩Red Flag 🚩 area.
Avoid dangerous objects like spikes, chainsaws, sharp objects, circular saws and more.
Each level contains a specific task you make money from.
Buy new heroes with upgraded skills, clothes, accessories and level passes and do some crazy jumps and flips in this inspired parkour simulation game.

Key Features:
• 🏃Parkour 🏃 & Bloody unique gameplay.
• 72 different levels.
• 10 different worlds.
• Updated regularly.
• Heroes with upgraded skills.
• Hero customization & new heroes to unlock.

New levels, features, heroes and accessories will be added regularly!
Download Parkour Jump now to enjoy a top quality flipping jumping game and enjoy the craziest parkour jump adventure ever!
Download Parkour Jump for free
Free download Parkour Jump :

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