One Touch Draw

In this tricky mind game you will find a lot of good brain puzzle packs and a daily challenge. The rule is very simple: Draw given figures with only one stroke. The only problem is “You cannot draw twice the same line”.

There are many dots on screen and you have to connect all these dots with one line and one stroke. These dots makes a shape after connecting with eachother.

There are hundreds of handcrafted levels with funny tricks, All levels are FREE-TO-PLAY.

★ Choose a dot to connect.
★ Connect the dots to complete a geometric figure with one finger stroke.
★ Fill all patterns with one line.
★ In case you find yourself stuck and without any idea how to connect the dots with one touch. You are welcome to use hints!

Enjoy the smart puzzle game, have fun in leisure time and take challenge to your brain!Download One Touch Draw for free
Free download One Touch Draw :

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