My Real RPG: The Law of Survival

You will become Level 100 in no time!
Neverending battles! Dynamic action!
High quality auto battle RPG!

■Highly optimized My Real RPG
■Can you believe these system requirements?
■Plenty of giveaways for everyone!

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The action RPG you can enjoy with only one hand
The best optimization ever!
High quality RPG for mobile platforms!

Lag-free even on devices with minimal system requirements
Enjoy fluent, smooth gameplay!
Lag-free 3D auto battle RPG!

How many days can you survive this?
Collect the ‘Legendary Artifacts’ and upgrade your mystical power!
Collect weapons and armor to become even deadlier!

Haven’t got enough time to play?
Then use the auto battle feature!

Try higher stages and use new skills!

■■■■■Game Features■■■■■

▷ Magnificent RPG, optimized for mobile platforms
▷ Tough boss monsters for daredevils!
▷ Character changes, according to the items equipped
▷ Get more powerful items through item combination!
▷ Beautiful skill effects, dynamic action
▷ The best action effects you can feel with your fingertips

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