Leprechaun’s Chuckle

A distinctive feature of any leprechaun was and remain a green jacket with large buttons and a cocked hat. The outfit is complemented by blue stockings and shoes with silver buckles, which are as big as the shoes themselves. Leprechauns love to show off, and in the old days their outfit with a bright red banner stood out against the backdrop of nature. But since the hunt for their wealth has opened, the little dwarfs have decided to change the color of their wardrobe to green. So it’s easier to hide from the annoying treasure hunters.
But now his fate is in your hands! Leprechaun needs help – help him to collect all the fruits and not drop them, and then leprechaun will be happy!
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Free download Leprechaun’s Chuckle : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.apppu.irishfruits

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