Kid-E-Cats: Home Adventures and Games for Kids

⚡Miou-Miou-Miou⚡ New Home Adventures!⚡
NEW Free game based on famous cartoon series Kid-e-cats!

Educational adventures of the Heroes of the cartoon series Kid-e-cats.
Boys and girls together with Candy, Coockie and Pudding play and travel based on the popular episodes of Kid-e-cats cartoon:

🎸”Musical imstruments” – find and gather all the music equipment, clean up the mess in the Kid’s room, assamble the musical group

🧦 “Who’s to Blame?” – solve puzzles and catch The Bandid, make your own puppet theater show

🏜 “Treasures of Ancient Egypt” – uncover the mystories of the Egypt, escape from the Grandpa mummy, find the treasure

📺 “Kid E TV” – entertain Mommy cat and Daddy cat with reenacting their favorite TV shows

🌳 “Tree House” – build and customize an amazing treehouse

💼 “Packing a bag” – help Daddy cat to gather everything he’ll need on the business trip

“Kid-e-cats Fun Adventures” educates and develops your little kids!

Game is fit for the smallest kids. Colourful inteface and intuitive gameplay let your kids enjoy beloved kitties based on the Kid-e-cats cartoon series.

While kids are playing this kind and safe game, thier parents can enjoy some free time.
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