Hugo Troll Race 2: The Epic Arcade Troll Runner

Oh no! Hugolina has been kidnapped by Scylla once again, while Hugo the Troll was sleeping in his hammock. Help Hugo the Troll in his daring attempt to save his beloved Hugolina from the evil witch Scylla in this epic arcade runner.

Hugo Troll Race 2 brings back everything you loved in the original fun arcade runner game, plus tons of fun new features, awesome arcade graphics and plenty of epic surprises!

Play as Hugo the Troll or Hugolina in a fun arcade runner where you have to put your epic tricks to work against her Evilness and her minions and engage in fun and challenging boss runner battles. Gather as much gold as you can while navigating dark mines, dodging trains and apply power-ups to in classic arcade runner style!


Face Scylla, Hugo the Troll’s nemesis, in direct fun arcade style runner battles where only an unparalleled set of skills can defeat her! Win epic prizes in fun Daily Quests!


Want to leave Hugo the Troll on the hammock? Hugolina is eager to hop on the trolley in this epic arcade runner and join the fun with loads of crazy epic outfits for her.


While you’ll find all the classic arcade trolleys you love, there is an epic selection of new mine-friendly vehicles, waiting to be taken out for a ride on the tracks. Find the one do you think is the most fun and put it to work in a unique and fun arcade runner!


Want to take on your friend in classic fun arcade runner style battles? Make your epic skills known to all of your friends by getting the highest scores in fun leaderboard challenges!


You’re not a real Troll if collecting epic items is not among your many fun hobbies! We’ve added loads of exciting items to collect while playing this fun arcade runner. Add new epic trolleys and outfits to your collection and make sure Hugo the Troll and Hugolina always ride in style!
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