Break The Targets – Android HD

Break the Targets is a unique time-trial platformer game with simple controls featuring over 160 levels and an online leaderboard for competitive placing.


* 140 Increasingly challenging levels to be completed under 30 seconds
* Clean, responsive controls as well as beautiful visual elements
* 25 SSBM Tribute Stages with online leaderboards
* Play against yourself or the Author with the Replay Feature
* Share a replay with your friends
* Custom Layout Editor
* Target Buster Mode – How many targets can you destroy in 1 minute?
* Running Buster Mode – How far can you go in 2 minutes ?
* Powershield Mode – Increase your powershielding reflexes!
* Canon Mode – Catch the targets before they crash on the ground
* Multiplayer – Not available yet, currently under development.


Break the Targets utilizes a virtual touchpad on the left side of the screen to control horizontal movement.
On the right side of the screen, tap to Jump, and tap again to trigger a Double Jump.

Swipe up, down, left, or right while in air to perform an aerial attack (also known as Up Air/Forward Air/Down Air/Back Air) to break shielded targets.

Press the Rope Button to create a rope while close enough to an attachable object to traverse dangerous terrain.

Use your shield (Airdodge in air) to avoid getting hit by the charge shot!

You can also use the Laser to break targets from afar and the Phantasm, a short range teleport, after reaching the required XP Level.

These techniques add a new dimension to the game and provide new ways to complete all levels in a shorter time.


Music by Ozzed (Licenced CC-BY 3.0) –
Music by Eric Skiff (Licenced CC-BY 3.0) –

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