Bald Revenge – Granny vs Baldi multiplayer horror

This is Granny vs Bald, the multiplayer horror / action game we’ve all been waiting for! This game currently boasts two different game modes with more to come!

Single-Player mode:

In this mode, you play through the entire story made up of 12 different scenes. Use your surroundings to discover clues and find tools to save Bald. Progress through the story , both through Baldi and Granny’s perspective.

Choose your side (Granny / Bald)
Use hidden weapons
Unlock new characters
Unlock hidden modes
Find tools in a hastily manner
Avoid time – consuming obstacles
You have limited time

Multiplayer mode (Co-Op):

In multi-player mode, you have the option to choose your side (Granny/Baldi/Survivor) with many different online modes. (Available for free after completing a part of the story mode).

Many characters to choose from
Online chat
Add friends to play with
Survive online with many of your friends
Up to 10 players in a room
Earn free prizes for surviving/catching survivors
Vs 1 on 1 action, or 2v2

The mod we’ve all been waiting is finally here! Download today and stay tuned for frequent updates!Download Bald Revenge – Granny vs Baldi multiplayer horror for free
Free download Bald Revenge – Granny vs Baldi multiplayer horror :

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