Baby Puzzles &…

– Educational games for toddlers and kids of 2 – 4 years old
– Sort and classify objects by shape, size, color and quantity
– Developed in close cooperation with preschool education experts

About educational games for kids:
Our app contains educational games for toddlers that will help your baby learn more about shapes and colors, quantity and sizes of different objects. These games for girls and boys can be a part of preschool education for young learners.
This time you will visit Bimi Boo’s friends who live on a wondrous island. There are a lot of fascinating activities to do.

Learning games for kids is developed to improve the following skills of kids and toddlers:
– Visual perception;
– Concentration;
– Hand – eye coordination;
– Classifying and sorting;
– Logical thinking.

There are 12 games for girls and boys:
Train game: Sorting objects and characters by COLOR.
Boat game: Load your boat with necessary things sorting them by COLOR.
Beach game: use memory and logic to find and sort items.
Cafe game: Classifying by SHAPES.
Carousel game: Sorting by quantity and features of the items.
Hat game: Sort patches by their SHAPE.
Box game: Sorting items to the appropriate box according to its COLOR and PATTERNS.
Garden game: sort items by their SIZE.
Home game: find the best place for the item by using logical thinking.
Tree game: sorting by meaning.
Harvest game: find the given shape on the screen and sort it out.

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